Ensuring the success of your infrastructure project through environmental management.

Hatfield Consultants brings a wealth of infrastructure environmental management experience to both large and small infrastructure developments. Our thorough understanding of environmental legislation and requirements along with our excellent relationships with agency personnel help efficiently guide projects through the regulatory process, decreasing time and cost of project implementation. Our expertise in environmental design, baseline studies, environmental assessment, and construction and operations monitoring allows us to effectively engage in all project phases and fulfill project environmental needs from start to finish.

Infrastructure services

  • Design and implementation of baseline inventories and monitoring studies before, during, and after the project
  • Management of all environmental aspects, from initial evaluations, permit applications, to remediation and compensation planning
  • Liaison and consultation with stakeholders and implementation of social impact assessments
  • Application of quality management processes, including ISO9001 audits
  • Development of web-based document and permit management systems
  • Integration of GIS, CAD, and remote sensing for effective project visualization

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