1974 With environmental protection becoming a priority across Canada, fisheries biologist Chris Hatfield sees an opportunity to help organizations meet their environmental management and monitoring requirements. In February 1974, he opens Hatfield Consultants in Deep Cove, British Columbia, on Vancouver’s North Shore.
1975 Hatfield Consultants is chosen to conduct fish and aquatic studies for an inquiry into the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, a project designed to link natural gas developments in the Beaufort Sea to northern Alberta. These studies launch Hatfield Consultants into its first complex, multi-year environmental project – an area in which it now specializes.
1979 Due to increasing business opportunities, Hatfield Consultants expands into a larger office in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Today, Hatfield Consultants remains rooted in the North Shore, where many of our staff live.
1980 Success with oil and gas projects in the Canadian Arctic result in opportunities for developing offshore oil spill prevention plans in São Paulo State, Brazil. The project marks Hatfield Consultants’ first international work – a business area now at the core of the company.
1983 Building on its expertise in fisheries and project experience in South America, Hatfield Consultants investigates opportunities related to the emerging salmon aquaculture sector in Chile. We form a partnership with Puga Mujica Associados to design and operate a salmon farm in southern Chile. Hatfield still maintains a business relationship with Puga Mujica Associados today, which has expanded to encompass environmental monitoring services for regional mining, oil and gas, and construction industries.
1989 As a result of changing environmental regulations, pulp and paper mills in British Columbia contract Hatfield Consultants to study the environmental effects of effluent discharges, specifically investigating the impacts of dioxin and other persistent organic pollutants. We are now a recognized leader in monitoring ultra-trace organics in aquatic environments around the world.
1990 Emerging opportunities in aquaculture, mining, and other resource-based sectors result in the establishment of an Indonesian-based environmental consulting company based in Bogor, West Java, about 50 km south of Jakarta. PT Hatfield Indonesia is now one of the best-established environmental consulting companies in Indonesia, supporting Hatfield Consultants’ operations throughout southeast Asia.
1994 Experience with dioxin and persistent organic pollutants in British Columbia leads Hatfield Consultants to studies concerning Agent Orange contamination in Viet Nam. This project helps catalyse clean-up efforts for areas badly affected by toxins sprayed during the Viet Nam War.
1995 The launch of Radarsat-1 and work with Agent Orange contamination in Viet Nam pioneer new environmental applications of satellite imagery. These technological solutions lead to the creation of Hatfield Consultants’ geomatics division, which complements traditional environmental studies with cutting-edge mapping and imaging services.
2000 Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters presents Hatfield Consultants with the Mark Drake Award in Recognition of Excellence in Communicating Private Sector Contributions to International Cooperation Issues. This award recognizes the quality of work performed by Hatfield Consultants in addressing the lasting impacts of Agent Orange in Viet Nam.
2003 The Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) spurs Hatfield Consultants to open a second domestic office in Fort McMurray, Alberta. RAMP aims to identify and address potential impacts to the aquatic environment due to development of the Alberta oil sands. As a result of managing this programme, Hatfield has a well-established office in Fort McMurray that services a range of clients throughout northern Alberta.
2007 The Canadian Awards for International Cooperation recognizes Hatfield Consultants with the Nexen Award for Excellence in Corporate Social and Ethical Responsibility. This award acknowledges Hatfield Consultants’ contribution to international development.
2008 Hatfield Consultants receives ISO9001:2008 certification, which ensures its quality management system is able to meet customer requirements, official regulations, and statutes. ISO9001:2008 also requires Hatfield Consultants’ commitment to continual improvement toward customer satisfaction and conformity to requirements.
2009 The engineering team for the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement project receives the 2009 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Engineering Excellence. Hatfield Consultants served as environmental manager and provided quality assurance support for this upgrade to Highway 99, which connects the British Columbian communities of Whistler and West Vancouver.
2010 Hatfield Consultants adds two new offices to its operations: Rossland, British Columbia, and Gaborone, Botswana. The Rossland office provides environmental services for the Waneta Expansion project, an upgrade to a flagship hydroelectric dam in the British Columbia Interior. Hatfield Consultants Africa concentrates on servicing clients in the natural resources sector across southern Africa.
2011 Building on its work in the Athabasca oil sands, Hatfield Consultants opens an office in Calgary to better support clients throughout Alberta.
2012 Hatfield Consultants Mekong opens in Vientiane, Lao PDR, to focus on hydropower, mining, and international development throughout the Mekong region of Southeast Asia.
2014 Coinciding with our 40th anniversary, Hatfield was recognized as one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers along with the BC’s Top Employer Award from Canada’s nationally recognized Top 100 Employers programme. Hatfield was also awarded the Environmental Communications Award by the American Academy of Environmental Engineering and Scientists based on our work with USAID and CDM Smith for environmental remediation at Da Nang Airport, Vietnam.
2015 Hatfield opened an office in Fort St John, BC, to support regional clients working in the energy, mining, and infrastructures sectors.
2016 Established a new Human Environment Group (HEG) with specialists experienced in social and economic impact assessments, community engagement, indigenous peoples issues, and capacity development. Opened new offices in Jakarta and Bali to support our well established PT Hatfield Indonesia main office in Bogor.