"The extent and patterns of usage of Agent Orange and other herbicides in Vietnam" by
Dr. Jeanne Mager Stellman et al. in Nature (2003).

A new, highly significant paper was recently published by Dr. Jeanne Mager Stellman et al. in Nature (2003; Vlm 422: 681-687). Access the Nature paper, a video of their work, and other Agent Orange related information at http://www.columbia.edu/~jms13. Click on the "Agent Orange and Other Herbicides in Vietnam" link. The Nature paper outlines the increased volume of defoliants used by the US military during the Viet Nam conflict. It also indicates that the dioxin content of herbicides used was much greater than originally reported.

Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk of Hatfield Consultants Ltd. provides an overview of this paper in terms of significance to the Vietnamese people, and dioxin "hot spots" in southern Viet Nam (NATURE_COMMENTS.pdf)