Water Resources Management

Whether evaluating water availability for your project’s needs or assessing potential project impacts on surface water or groundwater, Hatfield Consultants provides cost effective solutions to characterize and monitor your water resources.

With experience in sectors as diverse as fisheries, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy and international development, our water specialists work with public and private clients around the world to manage their water resources. Hatfield’s expertise in providing integrated water, biological, remote sensing, and environmental information management services enables us to help organizations incorporate responsible water management into their development activities. Our experience is demonstrated in our work in Canada, Southeast Asia, and southern Africa.

Our team of hydrologists, hydrogeologists, climate and water quality scientists helps you manage your water needs and meet your environmental goals.


  • Characterization of watersheds, aquifers, hydrologic properties and flow regimes
  • Design and install monitoring networks, including telemetry and near real-time remote data acquisition, for
    • Surface water
    • Groundwater
    • Snow
    • Climate data collection
    • Field monitoring programs
  • Data management, including secure on-line access to water quality, level, and flow data and climate data
  • Application of hydrologic, hydraulic, and hydrogeologic models to support environmental impact assessments and determine current and future potential water availability
  • Third party expert reviews of hydrologic and hydrogeologic studies
  • Training and capacity development for technical personnel and water management authorities to foster sustainable use of water resources
  • Expertise for projects such as channel restoration, instream flow needs / environmental flows, and aquatic habitat modelling

To find out more about our water resources management services or to discuss our services for your project, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.