Remote Sensing

Example Project: National Forest-Oriented Land Cover Map for Botswana

Forest monitoring in AfricaHatfield participated in the Enhancing National Forest Monitoring System for the Promotion of Sustainable Natural Resources Project in Botswana in partnership with the lead agencies: Oriental Consultants Global Limited and Japan Forest Technology Association (JAFTA).

As a collaborative effort between the Botswana Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MEWT) Department of Forests and Range Resources (DFRR) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the project aimed to promote sustainable natural resources management, particularly within the forestry sector. This goal is being supported by the development of a National Forest Monitoring System, which is being developed in close cooperation with all relevant government agencies, academia, and civil society organisations. The National Forestry Monitoring System comprises four main products:

  • National Forest Distribution Map;
  • Methodology for the national forest inventory;
  • Forest geographic information system (GIS) database; and
  • National forest monitoring plan.

Hatfield’s primary role was to develop the National Forest Distribution Map, based upon Landsat multispectral satellite imagery, which would support capacity development and decision-making tools and sustainable resource management practices; and conduct on the job training.

Hatfield developed a forestry-oriented national land cover map based on Landsat-8 data, supported by a series of field validation surveys across the country, which also served as training exercises for DFRR staff in the collection of field data. DFRR staff also received training to develop skills for the ongoing maintenance of the land cover map. A final field survey and validation exercise was performed as a quality assurance of the final product delivered to JICA and DFRR.

JICA is a government agency that coordinates official development assistance on behalf of the Japanese government. It is mandated with assisting economic and social growth in developing countries and in promoting international cooperation.

DFRR falls under the mandate of MEWT and is charged with the conservation, protection, and management of vegetation resources in Botswana.

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