Remote Sensing

Hatfield Consultants is a trusted advisor to government, private sector, and non-government clients on the appropriate development and use of remote sensing technology for environmental monitoring and management around the world. We have supported international space agencies, international finance institutions, and major oil and gas and mining companies with scientific and strategic consulting in remote sensing.

Building on decades of experience with optical and radar imagery, Hatfield Consultants can deliver timely base mapping and monitoring to meet your project needs, including for disaster and emergency response. All our base satellite image products are delivered ready for seamless integration into your information systems and planning tools.

Hatfield works with experienced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) companies and can help clients optimise use of these emerging technologies. Sensors include visible/near-infrared, thermal and aeromagnetic.

Remote Sensing Solutions

  • Basemap streaming – DigitalGlobe Basemap provides complete, high- and mid-resolution, accurate ortho-imagery. Working with DigitalGlobe, Hatfield delivers Basemap for unique regions including Western Canada and Southern Africa.
  • Land Monitoring – a web-based platform that delivers standardised monitoring products and change detection services to support and enhance your environmental and social management system.
  • Ice Monitoring – a suite of river and lake ice monitoring products and services developed using radar satellite imagery and in-situ sensors. Hatfield is also a founding member of the Polarview consortium.
  • Critical habitat mapping, carbon stock assessment, and high conservation value assessment.
  • Oil spill sensitivity mapping.
  • Floodplain mapping and flood risk assessment.
  • Infrastructure planning and monitoring.

Value-added Products

Hatfield also brings more than 15 years of experience in operational use of optical and radar image processing to deliver robust products in a range of areas:

Land cover:

  • Land cover and land cover change
  • Coastline monitoring
  • Vegetation stress and degradation
  • Vegetation and forest type
  • Tree cover density
  • Flood extent
  • Wetland extent and type

Land use:

  • Urban and settlement map
  • Building inventory and footprints
  • Agricultural land evaluation and status
  • Linear disturbance features
  • Pipeline corridor status
  • Impervious surfaces / soil sealing

Topography and terrain:

  • Elevation and slope
  • Hydrological network and catchment areas
  • Soft ground / wetness index
  • Terrain roughness

Imagery Partners


Digital Globe Working with DigitalGlobe we provide imagery with highest spatial resolution available. Images from a constellation of satellites including WorldView, GeoEye, Quickbird, and Ikonos are available with a spatial resolution of 30 cm to 1 m  in natural colour, colour-infrared, and other spectral band combinations. WorldView-3 Shortwave infrared (SWIR) imagery offers unique information for mineral exploration.

DigitalGlobe Advanced Elevation Series provides elevation models with different options for vertical accuracy and grid resolution that can fit most project elevation needs – pricing is typically much cheaper than airborne surveys. Elevation product absolute height accuracy varies from 8 m to 2 m – relative accuracy from 5 m to less than 1 m. Grid spacing is from 8 m to 2 m. The vertical and horizontal accuracy depends on the ground control available. You can purchase elevation data separately or bundled with ortho-imagery.

Airbus Defence and Space

SPOT-6 and -7 provides 1.5 m spatial resolution imagery, which supports more detailed regional mapping for mining, energy, oil and gas, forestry and plantation, and forest carbon projects.

The WorldDEM global elevation models provides off-the-shelf global coverage regardless of relief characteristics or weather conditions – there is no need for ground control points. WorldDEM offers up to 2 m relative accuracy and 4 m absolute height accuracy at 12 m grid spacing. Delivered for a minimum area of 500 square kilometres, these products are ideal for mineral, geo-thermal, oil and gas exploration, or other developments.

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