Developing Nature Based Tourism in the Coral Triangle

Coral reefIn support of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF), which was established in 2009 to support the protection of the region’s values and sustainable use of its marine resources, PT Hatfield Indonesia was contracted to coordinate implementation of the Developing & Promoting Nature Based Tourism Project in the Coral Triangle. It is funded by the Government of Australia and being implemented by WWF through a collaboration with WWF Australia, the
Pacific Programme and the Coral Triangle Programme through to June, 2017.

Given the ecological and cultural diversity of the Coral Triangle, there is much interest in Coral Triangle countries around tourism development. This presents a strong opportunity to develop a Coral Triangle brand that delivers regional value, sustainable economic benefits, and an incentive for better environmental management. This project will support the CTI-CFF governments to provide communities and the private sector with strong incentives to support the Coral Triangle brand. The project will help to establish the enabling architecture to analyse and present the business opportunity to Coral Triangle governments and the private sector of a CTI nature-based tourism brand and the arrangements necessary to support and promote it. The project will work to showcase the Coral Triangle’s extraordinary natural and cultural values, and provide a path to its sustainable development. Utilising the existing standards from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the CTI-CFF Coral Triangle Marine Protected Areas framework, a sub-set of criteria will be identified through consultation that reflect what a Coral Triangle branded nature based marine tourism destination should comply with. Potential sites will be selected for screening against the criteria. Site screening visits will also support the more specific analysis of community benefits of the improvements proposed. The sites are intended as an illustration of how any place in the CT can be improved by adherence to the criteria and can gain some advantage as they follow the “CTI Brand Criteria” in the future.

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