Environmental Information Systems

Example Project: SISAS: Information system for water and sanitation sector in Angola

Project Overview

Hatfield Consultants worked with UNICEF and the Angolan Department of Water (DNA) to develop an information management system that helps the department to monitor and manage water and sanitation facilities in the country. The information system was developed to obtain, centralize and organize reliable data on the current condition of water and sanitation facilities, and to perform analyses by integrating the acquired data with demographic and geospatial data. With the system, users can gather up-to-date information on the field with mobile devices (Android tablets), store the data in a centralized location, easily access these data through web interface and combine different data sets to produce customized reports.

System Features and Benefits:

  • All systems use a modularized design based on Service Oriented Architecture principals to easily integrate new information management systems and avoids vendor lock-in.
  • All systems are web-based providing universal access through a web browser.
  • Designed to work with limited or no internet connectivity and interruptible power supplies.
  • Designed to be implemented at the national directorate (DNA) and at all 18 Provincial Directorates of Energy and Water (DPEAs). DPEAs are provided with the same functionality as DNA thereby encouraging decentralization and capacity building.
  • Data is synchronized between DNA and DPEAs using thumb-drives or an internet connection if available.
  • Provides links to related Water Quality, Social Mobilization (MoGeCA) and human resource information systems.

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