Environmental Information Systems

Example Project: Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project Permit Tracking and Management System

Project Overview:

Hatfield was responsible for the environmental components of the design, construction and operational phases of the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project from Horseshoe Bay to Whistler, British Columbia. To help manage the permits, licenses and applications (PLAs) for this CND $1billion infrastructure upgrade project, Hatfield implemented an Electronic Permit Tracking & Management System. This system was used to track the environmental permits and commitments, including specialized systems for water quality, air quality, archaeology, recreation, fish and aquatics, vegetation, noise, and wildlife. This spatially-enabled system provided access to the
environmental management and project teams, with easy access to over 1,700 monitoring reports, 600 permits, 200 environmental features, and 16,000 water quality measurements.

System Features and Benefits:

  • Improved management of environmental PLA’s (Permits, Licenses and Approvals) needed to ensure project and regulatory compliance;
  • Checklist-based permit creation process to ensure completeness of permit application;
  • Permits, Licenses and Approvals can be queried and managed spatially through an integrated webmapping system;
  • An alert and notification system flags PLA’s for action, allowing for proper planning and scheduling;
  • Task-focused design allowed for recurring tasks to be completed with a minimal number of actions; and
  • Team-based security setup allowed the environmental management team, including fieldcrews, to access the system, at different securitylevels.

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