Environmental Information Systems

Environmental management is increasingly complex and dependent on gathering, processing, and organizing large amounts of data, quickly. Regulators and the public have high expectations about accuracy and availability of information.

Hatfield employs a dedicated team of specialists to provide customized information systems. We design and develop online systems to help our clients around the world gather, organize and manage their data. Whether you need a web portal to track environmental permits or an application that analyzes geospatial imagery, Hatfield Consultants works with your project to achieve its exact information system needs. Drawing on our environmental and social science expertise our developers provide innovative and practical solutions to help you meet your environmental goals.


  • Compliance reporting systems
  • Environmental data digitization and management
  • Information system audits and assessments
  • Traditional Knowledge mapping and data management
  • Geodatabase design, development, and maintenance
  • Automating field data collection systems
  • Sensor-web enablement

Applications that Hatfield has built and supports include:

  • Hydrometric, water quality and climate data integration systems
  • Community based monitoring platforms
  • Environmental data interoperability and exchange systems
  • Stakeholder engagement platforms
  • Web-GIS mapping and analysis systems
  • Satellite data integration and analysis platforms
  • Cultural resource management systems

Example Projects:

Certified AQUARIUS Integrator

AQUARIUS Certified IntegratorAQUARIUS is a leading software suite that many companies, including the Water Survey of Canada, use to acquire, process, model and publish water data. Hatfield is a Certified AQUARIUS Integrator and Partner, and has provided AQUARIUS customization and integration services since 2010. If you are interested in customizing AQUARIUS or integrating AQUARIUS into other systems, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com.

Online Hatfield Information Services:

Hatfield offers a number of online information services, including the following:

Contact Hatfield

To find out more about our environmental information systems or to discuss our services for your project, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com.