Environmental / Social Impact Assessments

Environmental and social impact assessment are a vital part of project success.

We have conducted environmental and social impact assessments under Canadian federal and provincial regulations and in accordance with international standards such as IFC Performance Standards. Hatfield Consultants has been instrumental in building environmental governance capacity through the design and implementation of similar standards for countries in the developing world, most notably in helping to establish Indonesia’s environmental and social impact assessment process (AMDAL) with Canadian government assistance during the 1990s.

From oil and gas and mining to energy (e.g. hydropower and wind farms) and infrastructure we work tirelessly to help your project meet or exceed regulator requirements, community needs, and public expectations. Our work has helped clients analyze environmental data from their projects, demonstrating the precise effects their developments may have on the environment and people in the region. Through field surveys, applied social science, and satellite mapping technology, we assess your project and help develop mitigation and management options to minimize impacts on the surrounding region and people. Our experts will help you design effective plans and programmes to enhance the social and economic benefits to local communities and other stakeholders.


  • Guidance and management of the entire permitting process
  • Baseline data collection and management for aquatic, terrestrial, and human environments
  • Impact assessment, mitigation measures, and management plans
  • Remote sensing, GIS analysis, and mapping to assess and visualize potential effects and help identify and demonstrate management and mitigation options
  • Consultation and engagement services including relationship building, logistics, issues tracking and documentation
  • Grievance mechanisms, and social management systems

To find out more about our environmental and social impact assessments to discuss our services for your project, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.