Climate Change

Applying our inter-disciplinary environmental and social sciences expertise, Hatfield Consultants works with private and public sector clients to assess, develop, and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.


As the world strives to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Hatfield Consultants works with clients to support the design and implementation of climate mitigation projects and programmes with a focus on practical, attainable, and cost effective solutions.
Services and expertise:

  • Clean power generation projects
  • Design and assessment of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) projects
  • Coastal zone management initiatives and mangroves
  • Carbon stock assessments in a range of forest ecosystems
  • Map historical change for land cover and land use assessments
  • Develop scenarios of future land use changes using advanced spatial modeling
  • Environmental and social assessment of mitigation projects and proposed investments
  • Stakeholder consultation, engagement, capacity building and training to implement mitigation initiatives

Impacts and Adaptation

The impacts of climate change are occurring around the world in different ways and at different rates. Hatfield Consultants works with clients to evaluate and assess climate change risks and impacts on resources, people, communities, and projects. We work across sectors such as forestry, infrastructure, and agriculture, and with local communities, governments, and indigenous groups to develop adaptation strategies and support climate-resilient decision-making. Drawing on years of experience working on projects in vulnerable regions around the world we leverage our collective knowledge with innovation and technology.
Services and expertise:

  • Vulnerability and climate change impact assessment
  • Climate change and disaster risk management (DRM) strategies
  • Government agency and community engagement to mainstream adaptation considerations into decision-making
  • Support for planning, design, and implementation of climate-resilient infrastructure
  • Environmental and social safeguards, particularly for infrastructure development
  • Hydrological modelling and assessment
  • Downscaling and evaluation of climate change scenarios for specific regions
  • Enhance the accuracy of weather and climate data and predictions through improved climate and hydrology monitoring
  • Stakeholder consultation, engagement, capacity building and training
  • Adaptation planning and adaptive capacity

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