Capacity Development and Training

Hatfield Consultants strives to develop and mobilize knowledge, expertise and abilities to support sustainable development.

We specialize in strategic planning and governance mechanisms for environmental monitoring and management. Our expertise extends beyond biophysical concerns to encompass social, cultural and economic dimensions of natural resource development and management. Our experience encompasses hundreds of projects in dozens of countries, forming partnerships with local organizations.

We complement our collaborative approach with innovative applications of technology, including mobile data collection, information management systems, mapping, and geospatial data analysis.


  • Needs and capacity assessments
  • Technical and functional training plans to meet development goals
  • Institutional development and strengthening
  • Technical assistance to government and development agencies
  • Mentoring and train-the-trainers approaches
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Learning exchanges
  • Strategic planning support
  • Knowledge management
  • Education and awareness raising campaigns
  • Change management strategies

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