Biodiversity Assessments

Before your project begins, Hatfield Consultants helps you understand ecological and social values by conducting biodiversity assessments.

Working with local partners, our biodiversity specialists collect data on species and natural resources at proposed project sites, using that information to prepare a detailed overview of the environment before a project commences. We complement field data collection with habitat mapping, socio-cultural assessment, and data analysis and modeling. Employing both traditional and innovative methods, we help you make informed and responsible decisions about your project.

Biodiversity services

  • Baseline biodiversity surveys to understand conditions prior to development
  • Species and populations modeling to help assess the effects of project development
  • Develop biodiversity management plans
  • Work with local stakeholders to determine socioeconomic and cultural value of biodiversity, including ethno-botanical surveys
  • Remote sensing and GIS analysis to assess biodiversity at the landscape scale, including habitat mapping
  • Encourage local community participation through community mapping to document traditional land use

In Canada, Hatfield provides a range of specific wildlife and terrestrial ecology services. To find out more about our experience or to discuss a biodiversity assessment for your project, contact us at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.