Renewable Energy

Example Project: Waneta Expansion Project

With the success of the Waneta hydroelectric dam near Trail, British Columbia, SNC-Lavalin was contracted to build a second powerhouse and other infrastructure to improve the dam’s energy output. To ensure this expansion affected the environment as little as possible, they contracted Hatfield Consultants to manage all aspects related to the environment throughout the project’s design and construction.

As environmental managers, Hatfield Consultants works with staff and contractors throughout all project phases to keep their designs and plans in line with regulations. During design, we prepared an environmental management plan and supporting work plans that set out procedures for working in an environmentally responsible manner, incorporating special measures to protect endangered sturgeon and other species near the project site. With the plan approved, we then developed a program of environmental training to instruct over 1,300 workers in best environmental practices for their daily tasks. Almost four years into the project, we maintain specialists onsite to make sure work activities still follow regulations, conducting monitoring programs and periodic audits in line with our ISO9001-certified quality management system.

To date, the project is unfolding better than expected. A recent external audit discovered outstanding compliance with regulations across site and noted that no major environmental incidents have occurred since project start-up.


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