Renewable Energy

Contributing to sustainable energy development

With decades of experience in the renewable energy sector, Hatfield Consultants is able to provide customized solutions to keep projects in compliance with environmental regulations. Our experience helping hydroelectric, geothermal, and wind energy developers along with our detailed understanding of environmental legislation and requirements, allows us to ensure energy developers meet their unique project goals in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner. Our extensive knowledge of environmental assessment, management and monitoring ensures that we apply the correct solutions to solve each project’s specific challenges.

Renewable energy services

  • Aquatic, terrestrial, climate and hydrologic baseline surveys and studies
  • Environmental impact assessments including:
    • hydrologic, hydrogeologic and water quality modelling
    • habitat suitability modelling
    • cumulative effects
  • Development and implementation of environmental management systems and monitoring programs
  • Mitigation, enhancement and compensation plans including design of compensation habitats to ensure the sustained welfare of fish and wildlife populations
  • Application and management of regulatory permits, licences and approvals
  • Social studies and programs including aboriginal and public consultation, socio-economic and cultural impact studies and training and capacity building
  • Specialized GIS, remote sensing and environmental information systems

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