Oil Sands

Example Project: Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program in the Alberta Oil Sands

Integrated regional monitoring of the cumulative effects of oil sands development on the aquatic environment in the Alberta oil sands began in 1997 with the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP), an industry-funded, multi-stakeholder environmental monitoring program. Building on programs including RAMP, the Joint Oil Sands Monitoring Plan (JOSMP) was established in 2012 to implement scientifically rigorous, comprehensive, integrated and transparent environmental monitoring of the oil sands region. RAMP and the JOSM Program help to ensure this important national resource is developed in a responsible way.

Hatfield managed RAMP from 2003 to 2013 and continues to undertake regional monitoring in support the JOSMP. These programs cover key components of the aquatic environment and include extensive field sampling, automated monitoring, and remote sensing. Through these programs a comprehensive regional database has been established including:

  • Climate and Hydrology
  • Water Quality
  • Benthic Invertebrate Communities and Sediment Quality
  • Fish Populations
  • Acid sensitive lakes

The data are accessible through an open data portal and may be used by stakeholders interested in the health of the aquatic environment in the Oil Sands region.

To find out more about the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program and Hatfield Consultants’ work in the Alberta oil sands, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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