Oil Sands

Supporting responsible development in the Alberta Oil Sands

The oil sands region of northern Alberta are a resource of global significance. With a local office in Fort McMurray since 2003, Hatfield Consultants has developed strong working relationships with government, industry, and Aboriginal groups. Our on-the-ground presence enables a quick response time and lowers costs. Our staff have local knowledge, contacts, and networks built through years of Alberta-based experience. We help our oil sands clients meet environmental commitments in keeping with industrial, provincial, and federal regulations.

Oil sands services

  • Environmental monitoring programs for climate, hydrology and hydrogeology, water and sediment quality, fish populations, benthic invertebrate communities, wildlife, and acid-sensitive lakes
  • Baseline inventories and environmental impact assessments for proposed industrial developments
  • Web-based data management systems that provide access to environmental monitoring data
  • Remote sensing to support regular, cost-effective environmental monitoring
  • Construction monitoring, regulatory approvals, and infrastructure environmental management

To find out more about our work in the Alberta oil sands or to discuss services for your oil sands operation, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.