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Example Project: Georgia Strait Pipeline

With a proposed underwater pipeline up for review, the National Energy Board of Canada asked Hatfield Consultants for its expert opinion on the project’s potential to affect the environment off the coast of British Columbia.

As prime technical consultants, we provided authoritative advice about the potential environmental impacts of the Georgia Strait Crossing Pipeline, an underwater pipeline planned to carry natural gas from British Columbia’s Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island, through Washington State. Throughout the review and consultation process, we supplied the National Energy Board of Canada and the Joint Review Panel with time-sensitive information, performing expert review of baseline studies and environmental impact assessments. We also prepared the marine environment section of the Joint Review Panel’s final report and assisted in setting approval conditions, ensuring that pipeline construction could proceed responsibly, with as little effect on the environment as possible.

Throughout the process, our seasoned environmental specialists tapped their rich knowledge of the oil and gas sector to help the National Energy Board of Canada make an informed decision about the project. Our decades of experience with the environment of Western Canada allowed us to understand the particular details of the proposal and to offer an authoritative opinion on its potential impacts to the Georgia Strait.

To find out more about our work with the Georgia Strait Crossing Pipeline, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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