Oil and Gas

Environmental expertise across the oil and gas project cycle

In Canada, Indonesia, and around the world, Hatfield Consultants has decades of experience supporting clients in the oil and gas sector to manage their environmental programs.

Our knowledge of the oil and gas sector helps your project meet or exceed environmental regulations. Whether coordinating environmental assessments or liaising with community stakeholders, our experience ensures the success of your oil and gas project’s environmental program.

Oil and gas services

  • Baseline inventories, environmental impact assessments, and environmental monitoring programs
  • Environmental assessments for climate, hydrology, stream crossing, and fish and fish habitat
  • Environmental Effects Monitoring programs to meet Canadian legislation and/or international standards
  • Construction monitoring programs and fish rescue operations
  • Environmental reviews and quality management audits
  • Remote sensing for monitoring and assessment
  • Environmental data management systems to increase the accessibility and usability of environmental information
  • Compensation habitat design and installation for sustained welfare of fish and wildlife near project sites
  • Ongoing stakeholder and First Nations engagement across the project’s lifecycle to ensure timely response to issues and concerns

To find out more about our services for the oil and gas industry or to discuss solutions for your oil and gas project, contact us at hcp@hatfieldgroup.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.