Mining and Exploration

Example Project: Environmental Baseline Study Of Mining Operations In Indonesia

In 2007, PT Inco wanted to expand their mining operations in Sulawesi, Indonesia. To make sure their expansion plans complied with environmental regulations, they contracted PT Hatfield Indonesia to conduct a baseline survey of the area surrounding the mine, aiming to determine the environmental status of the proposed project site.

Through partnerships with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and the Bogor Agriculture University, PT Hatfield Indonesia assembled a team of highly respected experts to study the range of ecosystems at the site. These specialists sampled and measured marine and freshwater environments, terrestrial soils, wildlife, plants, air quality, and noise in the study area to determine their baseline levels. Interviews with community members formed a social impact assessment that identified any concerns about the proposed expansion’s potential effect on public health and water availability. Applied GIS and remote sensing technology helped to visualize particular environmental aspects present at the project site.

The baseline study succeeded in identifying an appropriate boundary for the development and establishing environmental components that needed further investigation. PT Hatfield Indonesia’s work proved invaluable to PT Inco decision-makers through the regulatory process, providing concrete data on the status of the environment and offering guidance on the best means of reducing impacts to it.

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