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Example Project: Agent Orange Investigations In Viet Nam

Witnessing the effects of Agent Orange use in Viet Nam, Hatfield Consultants has worked closely with Vietnamese health authorities to monitor and reduce exposure to this toxic chemical.

Since 1994, we have partnered with local authorities across Southeast Asia on several Agent Orange and dioxin-related projects. Collaborating with the Vietnamese government, we have conducted assessments across former military bases and other suspected dioxin hotspots, uncovering important baseline data needed for remediation efforts. With the data collected, we have worked with governments in Viet Nam and Lao PDR to enact policies, guidelines, and concrete plans for reducing human exposure to Agent Orange and dioxin. We have also provided capacity building and training programs for Vietnamese and Laotian professionals seeking to learn best practices for environmental assessments, environmental monitoring, and analytical chemistry.

As the most comprehensive investigation into dioxin impacts in Viet Nam, our work has raised international awareness about the dangers of Agent Orange and dioxin exposure. Over the years, our investigations have received considerable support from generous donors, including the following:

In 2000, Hatfield Consultants received the Mark Drake Award in Recognition of Excellence in Communicating Private Sector Contributions to International Cooperation Issues for its work on dioxin and Agent Orange investigations in Viet Nam.

To find out more about our work on Agent Orange exposure in Viet Nam, please view our Agent Orange reports and presentations. To discuss our involvement with your Agent Orange program, contact us at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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