Example Project: Pitt River Bridge

As part of the Gateway Program to improve transportation through the Lower Mainland, the BC government planned to add a new bridge spanning the Pitt River and a new interchange connecting it to Lougheed Highway. Hatfield Consultants served as environmental managers for both the design and construction of this project, ensuring that all environmental obligations were understood and followed along the way.

As environmental managers, we prepared an environmental plan for the project that considered the particular concerns of the Pitt River and its surrounding area. With the plan in place, we then worked with construction contractors and environmental regulators each step of the way to protect the ecological and socioeconomic aspects of the environment within the project area, which included important aquatic habitat.

Over the course of the project, we monitored the site area to ensure all construction activities complied with regulatory approvals. To that end, Hatfield Consultants sent specialists to interact with regulatory agencies and stakeholders in the region to discuss their concerns and develop a plan for addressing them. Beyond liaising with stakeholders, we also provided monitors on site to observe construction activities and to reduce any potential causes of environmental liability.

With the project now operating, Hatfield Consultants is providing follow-up compliance monitoring services to ensure aquatic compensation features constructed at the site are functioning within design specifications.

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