Example Project: Integrated Forest Conservation and Land Rehabilitation

Since 2006, PT Hatfield Indonesia has built a strong relationship with PT Weda Bay Nickel, providing the forest management services needed at every stage of mine development in Central Halmahera, Indonesia. During the initial exploration, PT Hatfield Indonesia has worked with PT Weda Bay Nickel to meet their environmental-forestry commitments and to reduce the potential impacts of their mine on the forest area and especially biodiversity component. Hatfield also assisted PT Weda Bay Nickel in the development of Conceptual Mine Closure Plan, Biodiversity Management Plan, and Forest Management Plan.

Over the years, we have helped PT Weda Bay Nickel with land rehabilitation across their project site, cultivating native trees and conducting trial plantings that ultimately served as a model for further efforts. From 2008 to 2009, we performed baseline studies of the project area across a range of vegetation, identifying potential impacts to the environment and developing strategies to reduce them. Beginning in 2009, we helped establish plots for permanent reforestation that not only contribute to local conservation, but serve as a reference for future activities and generate seeds so the forest can grow naturally.

Since 2006, PT Hatfield Indonesia has continued to help PT Weda Bay Nickel with their forest management efforts, monitoring land rehabilitation and producing educational materials to raise awareness about the importance of local biodiversity.

To find out more about PT Hatfield Indonesia’s work with PT Weda Bay Nickel, contact us at +62 251 8324 487 or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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