Supporting responsible forest management

At Hatfield Consultants, we harness decades of experience in forestry-related services to provide the right solutions for your project’s specific forest management challenges.

Since 1974, we have provided a range of services to support sustainable management of natural and planted forests. Our expertise in forestry, ecology, environmental sciences, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing allows us to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions that address a wide range of forest management challenges. We have extensive experience in implementing a variety of forestry projects in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. Our broad international network of associates and partnerships with various institutions ensures expert attention to your project’s particular challenges.

Forestry Services

  • Forest ecology, biodiversity, and conservation values assessments
  • Land and vegetation rehabilitation programs for deforested areas, including plantation planning and management
  • Carbon stock assessment, mapping, and modelling for REDD+ projects
  • Mapping and remote sensing image analysis for sustainable forest management
  • Forest ecosystem services evaluation, including watershed management
  • Training and capacity-building programs for forest ecology awareness and management best practices
  • Local and indigenous forest use studies and assessments, including socioeconomic studies and non-timber forest products
  • Work with indigenous groups to help incorporate traditional knowledge and use values into project assessments and plans
  • Communication and engagement with local communities and other forest users

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