Fisheries and Aquaculture

Example Project: Environmental Monitoring of Fish Compensation Habitat

As required by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in order develop Jackpine Mine, Shell Canada Energy need to monitor fish and fish habitat in the compensation lake near their mine site, located in the oil sands of northern Alberta. To make sure this new habitat meets environmental regulations, they have asked Hatfield Consultants to conduct the monitoring program since 2010.

Working alongside mine operations, our specialists collect a wide range of environmental data that determine the ecological health of the compensation lake. Throughout the year, we sample water, sediment, invertebrates, and fish onsite to establish concentrations of metals and base levels of toxicity, among other factors that indicate the quality of the ecosystem. In 2010, we also installed a continuous water-level monitoring station. Data from this station combines with flow measurements to form the stage-discharge rating curve, a factor used to judge the amount of water available in the waterway.

Continuing in 2013, the monitoring program strives to ensure that Shell’s compensation lake is making progress toward becoming a self-sustaining ecosystem. Our methods allow Shell to track this progress and confirm the amount of compensation present, helping to offset environmental losses associated with their project.

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