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User Needs Assessment for the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure published by Natural Resources Canada

Jul 11, 2019

Outputs are now available from a cross-Canada User Needs Assessment (UNA) for the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI), which Hatfield led in partnership with Natural Resources Canada.

The aim of the UNA was to better understand the current uses, needs, and aspirations of all stakeholders with regards to geographic information in Canada. This included government agencies, Indigenous communities, academic institutions, and the private sector.

CANADIAN GEOSPATIAL DATA INFRASTRUCTURE (CGDI) USER NEEDS ASSESSMENTOnline surveys and phone interviews reached nearly 100 Indigenous organizations and communities, and 60 other organizations across Canada. On behalf of Natural Resources Canada and our cross-Canada research team, Hatfield would like to thank all participants in the UNA for taking the time to share their perspectives.

Following a consultation process to validate the UNA findings, and to ensure the recommendations and priorities of Indigenous organizations and communities were accurately captured, the final English and French versions of the UNA report are available through the Natural Resources Canada CGDI Resource Centre web page.

The UNA summarizes user requirements in terms of:

  • Thematic Data Requirements;
  • Technology, Applications, and Tools;
  • Policy, Standards, and Governance;
  • Training and Capacity Building; and
  • Collaboration and Intuitional Arrangements.

The UNA highlights considerable interest among Indigenous organizations to increase their use of geospatial data and to participate in geospatial initiatives. Following the UNA, Hatfield is developing a CGDI Cookbook, which describes the components of the CGDI and provides recipes to help users get started. We are also developing CGDI Starter Kits — a compilation of datasets that UNA respondents identified were important — which will be distributed for feedback within the CGDI community.

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