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Scoping Report for Enhancement of Transboundary Water Management in the Cuvelai River Basin

Jul 27, 2017

Landsat-8 OLI image of the central Cuvelai River Basin, showing the border region, and the town of Oshakati, Namibia.

The GIZ Transboundary Water Management (TWM) in Southern African Development Community (SADC) Programme seeks improved harmonisation of national strategies and policies related to transboundary water cooperation. In support of this aim, GIZ TWM in SADC programme engaged Hatfield Consultants to undertake a Scoping Report for Enhancement of Transboundary Water Management in the Cuvelai River Basin. The Scoping Report included a rapid basin assessment of the Cuvelai River Basin, a summary of stakeholder consultations undertaken with key basin stakeholders, a series of recommendations based upon information gaps identified during the Rapid Assessment and priorities identified by the stakeholders, and an assessment of the applicability of the SADC Flood Atlas to the Cuvelai River Basin. The Rapid Assessment provided profiles of the biophysical, hydroclimate, climate change, water utilisation, disaster risk management, governance and institutional arrangements in the Cuvelai River Basin. Specifically, a review of CUVECOM’s organizational structure was undertaken, and potential sustainable financing mechanisms investigated. Studies were based on publicly available literature and data, and information collected during consultations.

The Governments of the Republic of Angola and the Republic of Namibia are committed to improving management and utilisation of water resources of the Cuvelai River Basin, as per the signed Agreement that established the CUVECOM on 16 September 2014. CUVECOM aims to serve as an advisor to the Parties on matters relating to equitable and reasonable utilisation, sustainable development, and efficient management of water resources of the Cuvelai Watercourse. GIZ, co-financed by the German and British Government (DFID), is supporting both countries with the institutional development of the CUVECOM, starting with this consultancy, which is intended to help advance the institutional establishment of the basin commission.

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