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Research on the Monitoring of Lake Ice Published in Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing

Oct 29, 2019

Time Series - Synthetic Aperture Radar L8

Hatfield Consultants is pleased to announce a new article, Mapping of Bottomfast Lake Ice in the Northwest Territories Via Data Mining of Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Time Series published in the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing (CJRS).

Research by Olivier Tsui and Dr. Andy Dean of Hatfield, along with Dr. Mike Chiang of Apply Digital, focuses on using RADARSAT-2 time series data to map bottomfast ice within lakes, which can provide an indicator of lake depth, water availability, and impacts of climate change. The article explores how multi-temporal Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data and a data mining technique called dynamic time warping can reliably map bottomfast ice.

The image above shows RADARSAT-2 time series for a lake where early season floating ice appears in bright speckled tones like the surrounding land. As the ice becomes thicker and bottomfast, it shows as a darker tone. A Landsat-8 image of the lake captured in the summer indicates shallow areas in bright blue, which correspond the areas of bottomfast ice.

More information on Hatfield’s Remote Sensing Services is provided on our website, or to request a copy of the article, please contact:

Dr. Andy Dean
Senior Partner, Geomatics

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