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PT Hatfield Indonesia Hosts Grantee Workshop for Aquaculture Initiative

Feb 07, 2019

Grantee Workshop for Aquaculture Initiative, Jakarta, Indonesia

On January 23rd and 24th, PT Hatfield Indonesia (PTHI) hosted a workshop for grantees of the Walton Family Foundation’s (WFF’s) Indonesia Aquaculture Initiative in Jakarta. Through this initiative, WFF invests in opportunities that catalyze change, opens new doors for investment in sustainable aquaculture, and shifts the current trajectory from unsustainable to sustainable aquaculture in Indonesia.  In addition to monitoring and evaluating the overall initiative, PTHI supports grantee coordination, troubleshooting, program reporting, government liaison, and quality control for project cycle management. PTHI also continues to develop additional project concepts in line with the program’s overall strategy.

Meetings and workshops were held to share information on the status of each grantee project and to strengthen collaborations between grantees, the Government, and other stakeholders. On behalf of WFF, Dr. Lida Pet-Soede of PTHI’s Marine and Coastal Development Unit opened the launch of Solidaridad’s Aquaculture Innovation Challenge 2019. Melissa Langridge, Senior Marine and Environmental Specialist, worked directly with the grantees to enhance overall monitoring and evaluation of the initiative. Rina Wulandari, Senior GIS Specialist, presented the results of a shrimp aquaculture suitability mapping project as part of PTHI’s collaboration with WorldFish and the Stockholm Resilience Center.

Workshop participants provided positive feedback and agreed to act on workshop recommendations to support improvements to government policy. The event closed with a commitment from all grantees to support the needs of other grantee projects, to help secure the common goal of achieving sustainable outcomes for shrimp aquaculture in Indonesia.

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Bambang Tri Sasongko Adi
President Director
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