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Hatfield Welcomes New Staff

Jun 17, 2015

Hatfield is growing and we’re pleased to introduce the following new staff!

Michelle Betts Ept – B.Sc (Hons), Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology – Manager, Fort McMurray

Michelle Betts is joining the Fort McMurray office with over 5 years of work experience in the Oil Sands Region, working as a project manager, technical component lead, and conducting and leading field programs. Her key technical experience is across multiple disciplines, including water quality, fisheries, hydrology and hydrogeology. The addition of Michelle will help to further strengthen the already excellent management capabilities of our Fort McMurray Office.

Meghan Cuthbert, BFA – Marketing and Business Specialist

Meghan Cuthbert joins the North Vancouver Office as a Marketing and Business Specialist with a background in writing and media. Meghan a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria, in writing and communication. Her professional experience includes video journalism, technical writing, social media management and environmental communication for the Department of National Defense.

Melissa Langridge, B.Sc Ecology, Marine Biology – Senior Environmental Specialist

Melissa comes to Hatfield with 10 years of exceptional aquatic and marine project management, logistics and resource management experience.  She has extensive experience designing  and  managing  multiple  large scale projects;  including environmental  impact  assessments,  fisheries  assessments,  aquatic  ecology  monitoring,  development  of aquatic biodiversity offsets, environmental auditing, environmental flows monitoring, aquatic fauna salvage, ecotoxicology, environmental incident investigations, environmental training / community engagement, and legal cases.

Fergus MacDonald, M.Sc Resource Management – Senior Environmental Specialist

Fergus MacDonald joins our PT Hatfield Indonesia office as a Senior Environmental Specialist.  Fergus began his career in the United Kingdom and has subsequently worked extensively in Vietnam and Indonesia. He has worked on numerous projects involving environmental capital management focusing on industrial, service, energy, and natural resource sectors.  He also has experience in environmental auditing for sustainable forest management and socio-economic development.

Garth Taylor
Vice – President

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