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Hatfield Welcomes New Staff

Nov 18, 2019

Hatfield Consultants

Hatfield Consultants continues to grow, and we are pleased to introduce the following staff:

Senior Hires:

Lyle Thompson, BA Environmental Studies – Senior Manager, Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Services

Lyle comes to Hatfield with an extensive background in project management. He has successfully fulfilled the role of Environmental Assessment Lead on numerous infrastructure projects including the Thunder Mountain and Hackney Hills Wind Energy Project, Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Environmental Assessment, Fairview Southern Terminal Expansion, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project, and the West End Underground Substation for BC Hydro. Lyle also spent two years on secondment with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency where he focused on run-of-river, wind and mining projects across BC. He is experienced leading the delivery of federal and provincial environmental assessments and permitting processes, and has a strong background in the effects associated with major projects, including pipelines, wind, hydroelectric, mining and municipal infrastructure. Lyle also has valuable experience consulting and engaging with Indigenous groups and the public. We are pleased to have Lyle join our Infrastructure and Environmental Management team in our North Vancouver head office.

Karen McMillan, MSc Environmental Studies – Senior Infrastructure Manager

Karen is an experienced project manager and environmental and regulatory specialist with over 16 years of experience leading environmental studies and assessments on large, complex multi-disciplinary projects. She has managed numerous major projects with a focus on the power, transportation, and infrastructure sectors, and is well-versed in federal and provincial environmental assessment legislation and local government requirements. She has considerable experience managing technical inputs from a variety of disciplines and facilitating procurement of regulatory agency and local government approvals. She also has experience working with First Nations in the context of project support and delivery, and during engagement for project review. Most recently, Karen was working on a large liquefied natural gas (LNG) project here in BC. We are fortunate to add Karen to our Infrastructure and Environmental Management team in our North Vancouver head office.

PT Hatfield Indonesia

Wawan Ridwan – Senior Marine and Coastal Development Specialist

Wawan recently joined PT Hatfield Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Development Group. As a senior Indonesian conservation expert, Wawan has more than 40 years’ experience in protected areas and national parks providing design and management services, and managing relations with both the central and local governments. Wawan started his career as a civil servant for the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Preservation (now the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation) in 1981 in Ujung Kulon National Park. He served the government in various positions, including as Head of Komodo National Park, Kerinci Seblat National Park and Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and as the Director of Nature Tourism. Prior to joining Hatfield, Wawan was Director of the Coral Triangle Program at WWF Indonesia. Wawan joined WWF Indonesia in 2001 where he held several positions including Project Leader for the Joint Program of WWF and The Nature Conservancy in Wakatobi National Park, Project Leader of the WWF-ITTO program in Betung Kerihun National Park, Project Manager for Nature Research Management of WWF-Indonesia Sundaland Bioregion, and Director of the WWF Indonesia Marine and Marine Species Program. We are fortunate to add Wawan to our Marine and Coastal Development Group, based in Indonesia.

North Vancouver:

Candice Booty, Information Technology Diploma – Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Candice has 17 years of administrative support experience in the UK and Canada. Recently, Candice spent two years at Kinder Morgan executing a wide range of administrative and operational duties, including reception, security clearance control, work permits, safety orientations, operations administrative duties, event coordination and accounting support. Prior to Kinder Morgan, Candice worked as an Executive Assistant and held several positions focused on event coordination and banking. Candice joins our Accounting department in our North Vancouver head office.

Carina Helm, MSc Geography – Water Resources Specialist

Carina recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Geography from UBC. Her research involved an innovative way of capturing topographic survey data using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at very low altitudes through dense forest. This involved developing a novel way of manipulating data since images were captured at an angle instead of directly below the UAV. In addition to her research, Carina has field experience with erosion and sediment control protocols, crop and soil research, and bat and bird surveys. Carina joins the Water Resources team in our North Vancouver head office, supporting projects in both British Columbia and Alberta.

Scott Wegener, MBA Marketing, BAS Environmental Science – Marketing and Procurement Specialist

After completing his Bachelor of Environmental Science, Scott spent six years in environmental consulting before obtaining his MBA in Marketing. Scott has a solid background in environmental consulting, marketing and project management, including coordinating and writing technical proposals for environmental and engineering projects. He has a mix of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing experience with an emphasis on strategy, branding, proposal development, digital initiatives, and customer relationships. Scott joins our Marketing and Business Development team supporting our Canadian and International offices.


Jackson Woren, BSc Environmental Sciences – Hydrologist

Before joining Hatfield, Jackson has worked for the Government of Alberta in the Hydrogeology and Hydrology departments gaining experience in both groundwater and surface water monitoring. As a Groundwater Technician, Jackson collected water quantity and quality data from wells in Alberta’s groundwater observation well network using borehole purge, low flow, and discrete sampling methods. As a Surface Water Quality Technician, Jackson managed the field portion of a continuous water quality sampling program on the North Saskatchewan River. Jackson joins our growing Water Resources team and will be based in Hatfield’s Calgary office.


Gayleen Day, BSc Integrated Science – Environmental Specialist

Gayleen is a graduate of the Environmental Geo-science Associate Degree program at North West Community College, and a recent graduate from the University of Northern BC where she obtained her BSc. She has experience working as a Geo-Technician and Environmental Assistant focused on wildlife, vegetation, hydrology, hydrogeology, and drill pad inspections. Gayleen is a member of the Tahltan Nation, and prior to completing her BSc, she worked for the Tahltan Nation as a Project Cultural Manager, Community Coordinator, and Baseline Archaeologist. She brings a diversity of experience to Hatfield, including work with BC Hydro and the mining sector, and we are excited to have her join our recently opened office in Terrace, BC.

Fort McMurray:

Amelia Thornhill, Fish and Wildlife Technologist Diploma – Environmental Specialist

Amelia has experience conducting impact assessments, wildlife monitoring and assisting with reclamation projects throughout western Canada for a variety of industries. Most of her work has been in the Alberta oil sands region supporting steam-assisted gravity drainage and open pit operations. Following her graduation, Amelia moved to Fort McMurray and worked as a Wildlife Technologist for five years. Recently, she worked in a Site Supervisor and Crew Lead capacity where she trained and managed on-site staff. Amelia has extensive experience with avian, mammal, fisheries and amphibian monitoring, and is a welcome addition to the growing Wildlife team in our Fort McMurray office.

Eric Benner, BSc Science – Environmental Coordinator

Eric has seven years of environmental consulting experience in fisheries, aquatics, water quality and groundwater monitoring programs across Alberta where he acted as both Crew Lead and Project Coordinator. Recently, Eric worked as a Student Ministries Director and a Youth Pastor where he organized and facilitated large youth events for multiple churches within Fort McMurray. Eric has strong leadership and mentoring experience, and is currently completing his Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry. We are pleased to have Eric join Hatfields’ growing Infrastructure and Environmental Management team in our Fort McMurray office.

Jessica Phelps, BSc Hons. Environmental Earth Sciences – Water Resource Specialist

Jessica is a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan where she focused her studies on Water Science. She spent the last two seasons as a Research Assistant for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), working in an isotopes lab and collecting water, sediment, zooplankton and fish samples for analysis. Jessica also has experience as a Habitat Technician with ECCC conducting invasive species, bird and wildlife management work within national parks in Saskatchewan. We are pleased to have Jessica join the Water Resources team in our Fort McMurray office.

Jim Taylor, Fish and Wildlife Technician Diploma – Wildlife Technician

Jim is a recent graduate of Fleming College. He comes to Hatfield with a solid set of field skills gained through his college courses and a background in farming. He has extensive boating experience including many years working at a marina. Jim joins our growing Wildlife team in our Fort McMurray office.

Mercede (Cede) Schindler, BSc Environmental Science – Environmental Technician

Cede is currently completing her BSc in Environmental Science and spent the last four years working part-time as a Wildlife Research Assistant. She has experience with avian and large mammal surveys in remote areas of Manitoba and has also conducted grizzly bear surveys. Recently, Cede was a Crew Lead for a species at risk avian monitoring project. We are pleased to have Cede join Hatfield’s growing Wildlife team in our Fort McMurray office.

Richard Kao, Environmental Technology Diploma – Water Resources Specialist

After graduating from Camosun College, Richard spent six years working at Syncrude conducting water and sediments sampling in ponds, wells, and water bodies. Richard also assisted with site-specific invertebrate capturing and data logging for fisheries and aquatics surveys. In addition, Richard has experience conducting aquatic and hydrometric surveys that involved monitoring an extensive network of meteorological and soil stations. As a Hatfield employee, Richard will support monitoring programs in our Fort McMurray office.

Sara Lafrance, Environmental Technician Diploma – Wildlife Technician

Sara is a recent graduate of Fleming College. Prior to working at Hatfield she worked for the Town of Arnprior in the Public Works and Horticulture department. In addition, Sara spent two seasons working in Fort McMurray as a Bird and Wildlife Technician. We are pleased to have Sara join our Wildlife team in Fort McMurray.

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