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Hatfield Welcomes New Staff

Aug 27, 2019

Hatfield Consultants

Hatfield Consultants continues to grow, and we are pleased to introduce the following staff:

North Vancouver:

Ana Chará-Serna, PhD Forestry – Environmental Specialist

Ana joins our Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMA) team having recently completed her post-doctoral work on the spatial and temporal dynamics of zooplankton in a large floodplain river for the University of Illinois. Ana is originally from Colombia, but she fell in love with the west coast of Canada during her PhD program at the University of British Columbia and has decided to put down permanent roots in Vancouver. Her PhD research focused on human impacts and agricultural stressors on freshwater ecosystems. She has had the opportunity to work in Columbia, the US and Canada, and brings a wealth of field and research experience to our EMA team.

Andrew Otto-Artavia, BSc Ecology – Environmental Technician

Andrew is a registered Biologist-in-Training and comes to Hatfield with five seasons of experience in commercial development surveys, fish and amphibian salvages, fish stock assessments, fish husbandry, and plant and soil assessments. During a previous project at the BC Conservation Foundation, he worked with conservation and local bylaw officers in the city of Vernon to develop a plan on how to mitigate human and wildlife conflict within the district. He joins our Infrastructure & Environmental Management team and has his Erosion & Sediment Control Lead certification (BC-CESCL) and Electrofishing certification.

Daniel Papanek, BA Computer Information Systems – Environmental Information Systems Specialist

Daniel originally spent an 8-month co-op internship with Hatfield in 2018. Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Daniel has joined our Environmental Information Systems department in a full-time role. Prior to joining Hatfield, Daniel also completed a co-op internship at FortisBC before returning to school. Daniel is a very competent developer in both C# and Java. He is also proficient in database management systems and client and server-side development, and his front-end and back-end experience lends itself well to our Environmental Information Systems team.

Daniel Tavaszi, BSc Computer Science Environmental Information Systems Specialist

Daniel recently completed a BSc in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University He has a solid background in web application and software development, as well as experience in database management, technical writing, software engineering, data mining and algorithm design. Prior to joining Hatfield, Daniel worked at SPARC BC developing a mobile app that allows doctors to submit applications for their patients in iOS and Android. He also reconstructed SPARC BC’s website for online customer self-service. Daniel’s strong front-end and web application development experience is a great addition to our Environmental Information Systems team.

Ian Gault, MSc Toxicology – Environmental Specialist

Ian recently completed his MSc at the University of Alberta, which focused on toxicity testing and chemical characterization of oil sands process-affected water (OSPW), a high-volume byproduct of the extraction processes used by the oil sands industry to acquire oil. He has had the opportunity to present his research findings at many different conferences across Canada and the US. While Ian was obtaining his MSc, he also spent countless hours volunteering at the Edmonton Men’s Health Collective (EMHC), a very successful men’s health resource society. We look forward to Ian applying his research in our Environmental Monitoring and Assessment team.

Nikolina Jagodic, BA Business Administration in progress – HR Administrative Support

Niki has joined Hatfield in a part-time capacity while she completes her Bachelor degree in Business Administration including a major in Human Resources Management. Prior to joining Hatfield, Niki worked at Seaspan ULC for four years, initially as a Human Resources Assistant and more recently as a Back-to-Work Administrator. Niki’s cumulative experience at Seaspan and her ongoing degree at Capilano University make her a great asset for our Human Resources Administration team.

Olga Cherepanova, MA International Socio-Economic Development – Senior Social Specialist

Olga is an experienced socio-economist with extensive experience providing economic and socio-environmental input into a wide range of sustainable development, impact assessment, social performance and climate change projects. Olga has worked in South America studying issues faced by vulnerable populations and remote Indigenous communities, such as indigenous rights, human rights and gender issues, with a primary focus on the roots of marginalization, social determinants of health, and health equity. Most recently in Canada, Olga has conducted socio-economic impact assessment studies and supported Indigenous engagement programs in the Yukon and British Columbia. Olga joins our Human Environment Group supporting projects based in Canada and internationally.

Rebecca Kordas, PhD Zoology – Intermediate Marine Biologist

Rebecca has 19 years of experience in aquatic ecology research with a focus on human-induced impacts, such as climate change, on marine ecosystems. Her multi-year research has covered a wide range of areas including Vancouver and the Gulf Islands, the Gulf of Maine (USA), Chile, and Iceland. Over the last two decades, Rebecca has been deeply involved in numerous research projects at five institutions across five countries. She has published 18 manuscripts on her research in peer-reviewed journals. Most recently, she completed four years of postdoctoral research in the UK where she examined streams in Iceland with high amounts of geothermal activity to determine how the stream community was affected by different temperatures relative to climate change. We are pleased to add Rebecca’s wealth of experience to our growing Marine Resources team based out of our North Vancouver head office.

Riccardo Tortini, PhD Geological Engineering – Remote Sensing Specialist

Riccardo has over ten years of extensive experience in geospatial sciences, including in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art remote sensing products and technologies for Earth sciences. Through his involvement in projects with key stakeholders in North America and the EU – such as NSERC, NASA, NSF, Eni S.p.a. – Riccardo has gained a broad range of product and application design, development and implementation skills. Riccardo also has an extensive list of peer-reviewed publications and most recently worked as a Post-Doctoral Scholar at UCLA on a NASA-funded project. Riccardo joins our Geomatics team in our North Vancouver office supporting projects in Canada and internationally.

So Yeon (Sunny) Choi, MSc Integrative Biology – Environmental Specialist

Sunny is a recent graduate from the Wilfrid Laurier University. Her MSc thesis concentrated on the potential impacts of Canadian resource development on aquatic biota, specifically the toxicity of hexavalent chromium and rare earth element reagents, as well as specialized metal toxicity, toxicity modifying factors, and the toxicity of flotation reagents used in rare earth element processing. Sunny’s BSc honours thesis focused on the ornithine urea cycle in paedomorphic fish, which involved research of reverse transcription polymerase chain reactions and degenerate primers to target enzymes within the ornithine urea cycle. Sunny’s academic background in the potential toxicological impacts of resource development on aquatic biota is a strong asset for our Environmental Monitoring and Assessment team.

Fort McMurray:

Erica Ackerman, BSc Environmental Science – Environmental Field Coordinator

Erica has completed a diploma in Environmental Technology as well as a BSc in Environmental Science from Keyano College in Fort McMurray. While obtaining her BSc, Erica spent three seasons working for the Joint Oil Sands Monitoring Program where she focused on amphibian population counts, biodiversity data collection, site surveys, and air and passive water sampling. She also had the opportunity to undertake additional research for Syncrude to support recommendations on cost mitigation and tailings reclamation. Through her education at Keyano College and her field work experience, she has gained a broad knowledge base in wildlife, vegetation, water quality, fisheries and aquatics. She joins our Fort McMurray office as our Environmental Field Coordinator.

James Harrison, PhD Biology – Fisheries & Aquatics Manager

James has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas, transportation, and mining industries, including positions in the consulting, academic, and private sectors. Throughout his career he has contributed to countless environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans, habitat compensation designs, and baseline habitat and resource inventories, as well as conducted compliance monitoring, regulatory permitting, effects assessments, and QAES oversite activities. James has extensive experience building teams and mentoring junior staff, making him a strong asset for our Fort McMurray and Alberta operations as we continue to grow.

Paige Shook, BSc Marine Biology – Assistant Office Manager

Paige joins our Fort McMurray team as an Assistant Office Manager. Prior to joining Hatfield, Paige spent eight years working as a Trainer Officer & Office Team Lead for the Department of National Defence in Victoria. In that broad but crucial position she had a wide range of responsibilities including training, logistics, administration, mentoring, and ensuring that 50,000 cadets were placed in summer training camps across Canada each summer. Paige has always been passionate about the environment and she completed her Associate Degree in Science at Camosun College, followed by a BSc in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University. Her extensive work experience combined with her education make her the perfect fit for our Fort McMurray office.

Fort St. John:

Craig Lloyd, MSc Glaciology – Environmental Technician

After completing his MSc in Glaciology, Lloyd relocated to Canada to work with Canada’s leading glaciologists on a multi-year project analyzing large data sets from ice streams in the Antarctic. During his time in Canada, Lloyd also worked as an Environmental Monitor for a heavy industrial construction project in Parry Sound where he focused on environmental compliance, species-at-risk management, and erosion and sediment control. Lloyd joins the Infrastructure & Environmental Management team in our Fort St John office where he will provide support to BC Hydro’s ongoing Site C Clean Energy Project.


Greg Henderson, MSc Forest Hydrology – Water Resources Manager

Greg joins our Water Resources team to lead our expanding operations in Alberta. Greg is an experienced Hydrologist, Agrologist, and Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC) who has worked with industry and government for more than 30 years. Greg has extensive experience managing large projects and pulling together large, multidisciplinary teams for oil & gas and forestry management projects. Prior to joining Hatfield, Greg worked as a Senior Water Stewardship Advisor for Encana. Greg brings a wealth of technical and leadership experience to our Water Resources team based out of our office in Calgary.

Elizabeth Perkin, PhD Biology – Environmental Specialist

Liz has 15 years of freshwater ecological experience gained through undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and professorial work in Canada, the US and Germany. To date, she has published six peer reviewed papers related to freshwater ecology, and has led numerous research projects from the initial project design phase right through to completion and publication. Her PhD examined the effects of artificial light at night on adult aquatic insects and entire in-stream ecosystems. Liz completed her postdoctoral research with the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Since completing her PhD, Liz has been a visiting professor at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. We are pleased to add Liz’s expertise to our Environmental Monitoring and Assessment team in Calgary.

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