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Hatfield Welcomes New Staff

Feb 01, 2018

Hatfield Consultants

Hatfield Consultants continues to grow and we’re pleased to introduce the following staff:

Alison Stockwell – MSc Mining Engineering – Social Performance Specialist

Alison joins the Human Environment Group in our North Vancouver office. She has a consulting background having worked on numerous social sciences projects in Asia, the Middle East and Canada. With specific experience in community engagement, environmental and health impact assessment, community health and safety, and livelihood restoration for large international infrastructure projects, Alison is very qualified working in international locations with varied cultural differences. She is excellent at organizing, synthesizing and analyzing very large data sets in relation to the social performance spectrum and possesses strong technical writing skills.

Andrew O’Gorman – BSc Environmental Science – Water Resources Technician

Andrew joins our Water Resources team in Fort McMurray with a strong water resources, fisheries, aquatics and construction monitoring background. His construction monitoring experience involves working with species at risk for highway construction projects. Andrew’s experience includes fish sampling, habitat assessments, benthic sampling, and electrofishing. He also has been involved in provincial and federal regulations, and water quality analysis for permitting and reporting.

Michael McBride – MSc Hydrogeology – Hydrogeologist

Michael is a Professional Geologist (AB) with specialization in Hydrogeology. He has professional experience working in Alberta, British Columbia, and California, and has led water resources investigations, environmental assessments, and remediation projects for infrastructure, energy and resource clients. Michael’s primary focus is groundwater, however he has a diverse environmental consulting background which he leverages to deliver novel solutions on complex projects including baseline hydrogeology and hydrology studies, groundwater resource assessment, remediation projects, environmental assessments, and site conceptualizations. He has a track record of working and communicating with contractors, clients, the public and in multidisciplinary teams. Michael joins our Water Resources team in Calgary.

Olivier Tsui – MSc Remote Sensing – Manager, Geomatics & Remote Sensing

Olivier rejoins our North Vancouver Geomatics team after spending 2 years as a remote sensing researcher supporting the Canadian forest sector. His focus was on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (i.e., drones) and other remote sensing technologies along the entire chain of forest operations. Olivier has 15 years of consulting and research experience with a focus on multi-spectral and LiDAR technologies. Olivier’s application experience includes urban impervious surfaces detection and mapping, spectral feature extraction such as land cover and land use feature extraction, forest carbon stock assessments, and agriculture monitoring. He has experience working for a European Space Agency funded project to develop various remote sensing products, including a detailed urban land use and urban density classification, and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to support flood management activities. Olivier was also a project manager for a project aimed at providing geo-spatial products to support cumulative impact assessments in northern environments. Olivier has worked on several projects involving impervious surfaces extraction for the City of Richmond and City of Surrey in the province of BC. He has also worked on a project with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) to provide independent assessments on agricultural greenhouse gas offsets in Alberta using GIS analysis and remotely sensed.

Paul Kobler – BSc Geology – Senior Hydrogeologist

Paul is a Professional Geologist with extensive hydrogeological, geotechnical and drilling consulting experience. He has a diverse background conducting a variety of investigations in environmental, geotechnical, mineral, foundation and water resource projects. Paul’s expertise is rooted in physical hydrogeology, yet his studies have focused on groundwater supply and evaluation, local hydrogeological assessments, and installation of source, dewatering and injection wells. He has been involved in data analysis and report writing, and support of groundwater license applications. In addition, Paul has led business development initiatives, including expanding a client base, pitching service offerings, and building and maintaining contractor relationships. Paul has a strong Project Management background including business development, proposals/cost estimates, resourcing, forecasting, scheduling, 3rd party cost tracking and associated technical work for both in the field and in the office. Paul joins our Water Resources team in North Vancouver.

Stephanie MacNeil – BSc Biology – Environmental Specialist

Stephanie joins our Environmental Management and Assessment team in our North Vancouver office. She comes to us with a strong project management background and experience in government (DFO & CEAA) and consulting. She has experience coordinating and designing fisheries projects and working very closely with government agencies and First Nations. She has worked on large federal Environmental Assessments for large mines in central and northern BC focusing on water quality and fisheries and was responsible for proposal reviews including compiling and reviewing questions from public meetings. She was tasked with overseeing Environmental Assessments through to the approval stage. Stephanie initially started her career as an At-Sea Monitor for both herring and salmon where she worked long hours and developed a strong understanding of the commercial fishing industry and regulations.

Terra Schott – Tech Diploma Forestry & Renewable Resources – Manager, Construction Environmental Monitoring

Terra Schott has extensive experience in the resource sector, including forestry, environment, and construction. She is a Registered Forest Technologist (RFT); an Environmental Professional in Environmental Management (EP); certified as a BC Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (BC-ESCL); and certified as a Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control – In Training (CPESC-IT). Ms. Schott is a manager at Hatfield, overseeing environmental monitoring and permitting aspects of construction projects across all industry sectors. She is responsible for project planning and coordination, resourcing, budget tracking, compliance monitoring/auditing, consulting, permitting, performing assessments/surveys of various types, and assisting with amphibian and fish salvages. We are pleased to have Terra join our North Vancouver office and assist in establishing a Construction Environmental Monitoring Group.

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