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Hatfield Welcomes New Staff

Sep 26, 2017

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Andrew Yee – BSc Computer Science – Environmental Information Systems Specialist|

Andrew comes to Hatfield with extensive environmental data management experience. Most recently Andrew worked for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) where he gained considerable experience developing technology-based solutions for the analysis and reporting of environmental data. Andrew set up a national SQL server to warehouse years of data from many different sources and offices into one national database. Andrew created a User Interface for all the Environmental Specialists and Biologists across the country to have access to the national data warehouse thus making accessing data easy for non-technical staff. We are excited to see how Andrew’s knowledge and experience will add to the new and exciting projects our Environmental Information Systems team is working on in our North Vancouver office.

Corey Lavin – BSc Marine Biology – Environmental Technician

Corey joins our Fort McMurray office with a broad range of fisheries and aquaculture experience. He worked in the Nova Scotia Provincial Government fish stocking program and is well versed in fish health, disease awareness, and environmental monitoring. Corey has conducted biological sampling and tagging, scale and fluid samples for the Atlantic salmon Enhancement Program. Corey has also worked in Tofino in fish husbandry where he supervised farm operations including feeding and care of fish stocks as well as daily environmental parameters such as planktonic tow samples, salinities, temperatures, dissolved oxygen levels, and percent saturation. Corey also has experience as an At-Sea Fisheries Observer and he has done research for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Eastern Canada.

Curtis Higson – BA Environmental Management – Environmental Technician

Curtis was originally brought on in a contract position but was recently hired on full-time in our Fort McMurray office. Curtis was born in Calgary but spent a large chunk of his life in Australia and moved back to Canada last year. Curtis comes to Hatfield with field and volunteer experience in environmental management, forestry, vegetation and endangered species management. He also has experience in fish and habitat restoration. While living in Australia, he had the opportunity to care for koalas at a koala sanctuary.

Dominique de Groot – MSc Eng Integrated Water Management – Environmental Specialist

Dominique has experience in infrastructure and construction monitoring. She has her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and her Master’s in Engineering Leadership. Dominique worked at Kiewit as an Environmental Lead on major projects in Fort McKay, Fort McMurray and Vancouver. Her project management experience is from pre-to-post construction. She has maintained regulatory and environmental compliance on large-scale earthworks projects. She has contributed to the development and implementation of a standardized Environmental Program within Kiewit Energy Canada, including the development and implementation of waste management plans, regulatory compliance plans, standard operating procedures and other environmental programs. She has experience in contract and bid reviews. She has supervised, trained and mentored new environmental staff during project operations. Dominque has also worked on the Ruskin Dam upgrade and the Massey Bridge project with BCHydro. We are fortunate to have Dominique join our Infrastructure team in North Vancouver.

Felix Chan – MSc Earth & Environmental Science – Water Resource Technician

Felix has recently completed his M.Sc. Earth & Environmental Science focusing on micrometeorology and hydrology. Most recently, Felix worked as a Research Technician, Watershed Hydrology and Biogeochemistry at Ryerson where he managed field operations and water quality data QA/QC of a Clean-Up Fund project examining hydrological and landscape drivers of elevated turbidity and nutrient export in an agricultural watershed in southern Ontario. Prior to that he was a Research Assistant at McMaster where he was responsible for analyzing micrometeorological and soil data to determine the influence of vegetation on evapotranspiration from waste rock surfaces in Elk Valley, BC. Felix also has experience in Hydrometeorology and Climatology where he had to actively maintain and troubleshoot eddy covariance (e.g., CO2, H2O, energy), weather (e.g., temperature, radiation, precipitation), and soil (e.g., temperature, moisture) instruments and data loggers at four forest micrometeorological scaffolding towers. Felix joins our Water Resources team in Fort McMurray.

Kaitlyn Roberts – MSc Geography & Planning – Environmental Technician   

Kaitlyn also joins our Fort McMurray office highly recommended by her Master’s supervisors at Queen’s University. Kaitlyn’s Master’s degree required her to do remote fieldwork in Nunavut which included monitoring chemicals in high arctic lakes due to climate change and how these chemicals affect fish health. She analyzed fish health (weight, length) and took samples of muscle tissue, stomach contents, liver, and otoliths (ear bones). The ear bones show rings with growth on how it is being affected by the environment, very much like growth rings in a tree. Kailyn choose a very challenging project for her Master’s degree but her hard work has paid off as her paper will be published in Nature Magazine.

Leah Stover – BSc Honors – Marine & Freshwater Biology – Environmental Technician

Leah joins our Fort McMurray office with a solid base of fisheries and aquatics experience. She has completed a food web structure analysis within the Great Lakes by collecting benthic organisms, and dissecting, extracting tissue samples and analyzing stomach content of various Ontario fish species. She has performed stream metabolism assessments by electrofishing, benthic invertebrates’ collection and assessing stream habitat structure to gain a better understanding of the impacts of land use practices on stream communities. She has water quality experience including secchi depth for water clarity, measuring dissolved oxygen levels and evaluating thermocline. Leah has also had the opportunity to do some fieldwork in Belize analyzing the water quality of the Belize River to assess the impacts of agricultural runoff.

Stephen Slongo – MSc Forestry – Environmental Technician

Stephen has his Honors BSc in Environmental Science and he is just completing his Master’s degree. Stephen has worked with the Ontario Power Generation fulfilling the Aguasabon River Effectiveness Monitoring program by conducting Water Management studies and the use of standardized methodologies to sample, monitor and observe aquatic ecological indicators on a river system managed for hydroelectric power. Stephen has fisheries experience conducting Brook Trout fry and invertebrate drift netting to monitor long term changes and index netting targeted at Walleye spawning adults. Stephen is proficient in standardized fish sampling techniques including extracting age/genetic structures (otoliths, cleithrum, scales, fin clips, dorsal rays); removing flesh samples for contamination; fish measurements (total length, fork length, and weight); fish gender/maturity determination; and identification of species in stomach contents. Stephen joins our Fort McMurray Environmental Monitoring team. We are looking forward to his added skillset in fisheries and water management.

Tommy Diep – BA Environmental Geography and Spatial Information Systems Certificate – Geomatics Specialist

Tommy joins our Geomatics team in North Vancouver. He has worked at Environment Canada and has extensive watershed knowledge. Tommy developed a water characterization project working with surface water via hydrometric stations to determine watershed boundaries. He also has experience determining critical habitat for species at risk. Tommy has also worked closely with Hydrogeologists to track nitrates coming from the farming industry and how it affects drinking water. His most recent project involved partnering with Water Resource Specialists in the US to properly define watersheds that cross the border. Prior to Environmental Canada, Tommy worked with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as a fisheries assistant working on a quota management system for managing licensing to create a more sustainable fisheries practices.


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