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Hatfield Presenting at the 2017 Association of Professional Biology Conference

Apr 18, 2017

Hatfield Consultants

Managing Environmental Expectations

On Thursday, April 20th, Hatfield will be presenting as part of the Association of Professional Biology Conference and AGM at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre in Richmond, BC. This year focuses on the integration of the social, political and scientific aspects of professional biology and natural resource management. Environmental Manager Amber Ashenhurst will be representing Hatfield as she discusses how to manage the varying environmental expectations of owners, contractors, the public, and other involved parties.

Amber’s presentation concentrates on the importance of early planning and evaluation to ensure that mitigation measures and procedures are put in place long before construction work begins. This process involves attention to detail when it comes to the advance preparation of documents, qualifying risk to owners, site meetings with workers, and, if required, public presentations. In addition, it can mean taking a step back and observing the work from 10,000 feet. Amber’s answer to managing expectations, as well as protecting the environment, lies in communication and the ability to be a teacher. Sometimes the key is planting seeds that empower your team and being humble enough to allow others to take credit for your ideas, especially if it means watching them care a little more about the environment.

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