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Hatfield Indonesia Launches “Green City Clean City” Campaign in Bogor

Jun 04, 2018

Hatfield Consultants - Green City Clean City Campaign

PT Hatfield Indonesia continues to support local communities through a variety of programs under our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. This year, on the company’s 28th Anniversary, Hatfield staff came together for a “Green City Clean City” campaign. The campaign took place in the pedestrian area surrounding the Bogor Botanical Garden and involved a garbage clean up, non-plastic shopping bag giveaway, and activities to raise awareness about the impact of plastic bags on the environment. The campaign targeted pedestrians, local community members, and school children around the Botanical Garden.

The over-use of plastic, especially single use plastic bags, is becoming a major concern in Bogor and throughout Indonesia. According to the Bogor City Government, residents of Bogor produce an average of 50 tons of plastic waste each day. In addition, 10 tons of plastic waste are created annually by visitors to the Bogor Botanical Garden. With this ongoing campaign, Hatfield encourages the community to reduce their use of disposal plastic to help protect the local environment.

For more information, please contact:

Bambang Tri Sasongko Adi
President Director
Telephone: +62 251 832 4487; 8332 602

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