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Hatfield Indonesia Introduces a Tool to Consider Suitability of Locations for Shrimp Farms

Apr 24, 2019

A screenshot of the Aquaculture Mapping Platform. Photo credit:

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On March 27, PT Hatfield Indonesia (PTHI) hosted a workshop and a short training session in Jakarta on the use of an interactive mapping platform. The workshop and training were in support of a project entitled “Shrimp suitability mapping to support aquaculture development in Indonesia”, a collaboration between PTHI, WorldFish, and the Stockholm Resilience Center, funded by the Walton Family Foundation Indonesia aquaculture initiative. Support from the Walton Family Foundation is designed to change the trajectory of shrimp aquaculture development towards a sustainable path while supporting environmental sustainability, food security, business profitability, and livelihoods.  The use of Aquaculture Mapping Platforms can help achieve the initiatives’ goals, specifically for shrimp aquaculture.

The workshop was attended by staff from different directorates from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), and stimulated discussion among stakeholders regarding the potential of shrimp aquaculture in Indonesia, and the use of interactive platforms to support decision making processes. The workshop was conducted by a number of PTHI staff from the Marine and Coastal Development Unit and the Geomatics Unit. Dr. Lida Pet Soede opened the workshop, Rina Wulandari presented the model approach and methodology and presented results of the shrimp site suitability model, and Soraya Nurul Ichwani led the training sessions. During the training sessions, participants were divided into two groups and each group presented their analysis after applying the shrimp suitability model for different areas throughout Indonesia.

Participants provided positive feedback, not only on the GIS model but also on the interactive mapping tool improvement. In general, workshop participants agreed that the tool was useful and could be more widely used.

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