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Hatfield Indonesia Expands Marine Unit

Sep 19, 2016

Aquatic Biology and Ecology, Derawan, Indonesia

Hatfield Indonesia continues to expand its Marine Unit. The new Unit is already active on a number of exciting projects including an ocean-wealth mapping project with The Nature Conservancy Indonesia, a sustainable nature-based tourism project in the Coral Triangle with the World Wildlife Fund, and a risk assessment of investment opportunities for an Indonesian octopus fishery for Norpac Fisheries Exports. The Marine Unit looks forward to expanding into a variety of new markets in support of sustainable economic growth in marine and coastal environments of Southeast Asia

The Unit is led by Dr. Lida Pet-Soede, and a brief bio of team members is provided below.

Lida Pet-Soede – PhD, Tropical Fisheries Biology and Management – Marine Unit Leader

Dr. Lida Pet-Soede is based in Bali, Indonesia, and holds graduate degrees (M.Sc., Ph.D.) in Tropical Fisheries Biology and Management from Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands. Her Ph.D. research focused on fisheries biology and management, socio-economics of developing countries, and fish culture. Dr. Pet-Soede conducted her research in Indonesia and has supervised more than 100 students over the years, many of which have jobs in conservation and fisheries management, and has co-authored more than 40 papers and publications. She has extensive experience in tropical fisheries management, marine conservation, program development, organizational development, training, fundraising, strategy development, networking, and professional development coaching.

Dias Natasasmita – BSc, Marine Science – Marine Biologist

Dias Natasasmita is a marine biologist with a strong background in marine environment and conservation, marine surveys, marine conservation area planning and marine engineering and oceanography. He is a certified diver with experience in underwater inspection; technical diving; and underwater photography. He also a certified expert in the area of satellite remote sensing and GIS with a focus on coastal mapping and planning.

Priska WidyastutiBSc, Marine Science and Technology – Marine Biologist

Priska Widyastuti is a marine biologist with a strong background in oceanography. She has broad experience providing analytical solutions related to sea motion issues, applied oceanography, and statistical analyses of marine data. In 2014, she was a co-author of the publication “Numerical Modeling Study on Upwelling Mechanism in Southern Makassar Strait”.

Windy Rizki Akbar PutriBSc, Marine and Environmental Science – Marine Biologist

Windy Rizki is a marine biologist with a strong background in marine environmental and conservation studies. She has a deep understanding of marine conservation, ecology, and biodiversity issues. Her expertise includes Marine Protected Area (MPA) design and program planning, implementation of MPA management in coordination with local partners, sustainable fisheries, evaluation and monitoring, coordination of surveillance with local authorities, biological and social monitoring, and community outreach and communications. She is also familiar with capture fisheries issues in Indonesia, Productivity and Susceptibility Analysis (PSA) for fisheries management, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Harvest Control Rules and Harvest Strategies, lobster and mud-crab commodities, and marine aspects of AMDAL assessments.

Sigit Heru PrasetyaBSc, Marine Science – Marine Biologist

Sigit Heru Prasetya is a marine biologist with experience in mangrove rehabilitation, coral reef ecology, marine conservation, and fisheries. He also holds a certification in Occupational Health and Safety, Integrated ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 and Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and has certifications for Two Star Diver POSSI-CMAS and Reef Check Ecodiver. Mr. Sigit is also experienced in supervising safety aspects for equipment and personnel during marine project implementation.

I Gede Mahendra WijayaBSc, Marine Science and Technology – Marine Biologist

I Gede Mahendra Wijaya is a marine and fisheries specialist with broad experience in marine mammal research studies. He has an extensive background in marine biology, oceanography, marine remote sensing and GIS applications, marine acoustic surveys and instrumentation. He is also highly skilled in the use of Matlab, Landmark Promax R5000 for seismic data processing and ARC GIS.


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