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Hatfield Consultants Africa Delivers Topographic Mapping Projects

Jan 17, 2018

In July 2017, Hatfield Consultants Africa signed two contracts with the Botswana Department of Surveys to conduct topographic mapping updates for two lots of sixty 1:50,000 map sheets, in the Ngamiland and Ghanzi Districts, in the north west of the country.

On 17th January 2018, at ceremony at the Department, Hatfield delivered all 120 map sheets in hard and soft-copy to an assembled group of stakeholders.

Following standards supplied by the Department, Hatfield is the first Botswana-based company to deliver the specified high-quality mapping products on-time, on-budget, and matching required specifications. These map products provide critical mapping information, which will in turn contribute to social, environmental, and economic development across Botswana.

The topographic mapping products developed by Hatfield under this project are based upon 50-cm DigitalGlobe Basemap imagery, using an annual subscription, the first of its kind in the country.

Hatfield is committed to providing state of the art mapping and geospatial solutions to its clients, appropriate to the market dynamics in Botswana, and across the SADC region.

For more information, please contact:

Simon Hughes, Director
Tel: +267-397-2661 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

For satellite image sales and subscription services, contact the following:

Ms Sibonile Sibanda, Geomatics Manager
Tel:+267 397 2661

Satellite Image or Land Monitoring Inquiry:

If you wish to explore high-resolution satellite imagery or digital elevation model products for your project, please contact Hatfield Consultants using the contact details provided above, including an area of interest (coordinates, or Google KML) and a time period you are interested in – new collection or past archive.

About Hatfield Consultants Africa

Hatfield Consultants Africa was established in Gaborone, Botswana in 2010, as a locally incorporated office for Hatfield Consultants Partnership (Canada), providing a range of geomatics, mapping and environmental services to government and private sector clients.

Remote sensing and geographic information system technologies are a key part of Hatfield Consultants Africa services, contributing geospatial information to environmental monitoring and assessment projects. Hatfield has extensive project experience throughout southern Africa, including remote sensing project design and implementation, GIS development, and website development.

Hatfield Consultants Africa is committed to employing and associating with high-quality and experienced local and regional specialists. All project work is undertaken by locally-based teams, with international support.

We help you apply best environmental practices, meet regulatory requirements, and contribute to a sustainable future.