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A New Director and Shareholder at Hatfield Consultants Africa

Mar 13, 2018

Sibonile Sibanda, Director, Geomatics Manager - Hatfield Consultants AfricaHatfield Consultants Africa is delighted to announce the addition of a new Director and shareholder, Ms Sibonile Sibanda (Sibs). With over 13-years of experience in the fields of remote sensing, GIS, and surveying, Sibs will add considerable technical and managerial experience to the ownership group. Since joining Hatfield, she has successfully grown the geomatics group at HCA into what is now our most active and successful business unit in the region.

Sibs holds a Master of Science in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation from ITC (University of Twente) in The Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Surveying and Geomatics from The Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. Her remote sensing experience includes image processing and image interpretation for vegetation extraction and topographic/land cover mapping. She has developed innovative algorithms for semi-automated satellite image analysis of varying scales and sensors. Sibs is well-versed in the application of high and medium resolution optical imagery, and provides support and guidance to clients in selecting the most appropriate and cost effective products for their needs, and is also responsible for coordinating commercial satellite imagery and elevation model sales in the Southern Africa region. Sibs’ background as a trained Land Surveyor enables her to plan and manage field data collection projects, and she has considerable experience in training and capacity building in GIS and remote sensing for both the public and private sectors.

For more information, please contact:

Simon Hughes, Director
Tel: +267-397-2661

About Hatfield Consultants Africa

Hatfield Consultants Africa was established in Gaborone, Botswana in 2010, as a locally incorporated office for Hatfield Consultants Partnership (Canada), providing a range of geomatics, mapping and environmental services to government and private sector clients. Hatfield Consultants Africa is committed to employing and associating with high-quality and experienced local and regional specialists. All project work is undertaken by locally-based teams, with international support.

Remote sensing and geographic information system technologies are a key part of Hatfield Consultants Africa services, contributing geospatial information to environmental monitoring and assessment projects. Hatfield has extensive project experience throughout southern Africa, including remote sensing project design and implementation, GIS development, and website development.

Satellite Image or Land Monitoring Inquiry:

If you wish to explore high-resolution satellite imagery or digital elevation model products for your project, please contact Hatfield Consultants using the contact details provided above, including an area of interest (coordinates, or Google KML) and a time period you are interested in – new collection or past archive.

For satellite image sales and subscription services, contact the following:

Ms Sibonile Sibanda, Director, Geomatics Manager
Tel:+267 397 2661 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)

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