Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hatfield Consultants, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as activities undertaken: to maintain economic, social and environmental sustainability; and, to encourage shared values and build social license. Hatfield supports these objectives through volunteerism, supporting nonprofits and charitable programs, decreasing environmental impacts, supporting human rights, maintaining transparency in operations, and involving stakeholders in decision-making. Since 1974, our commitment to conducting business with a social conscience has garnered widespread recognition, including several awards such as the Mark Drake Award in Recognition of Excellence in Communicating Private Sector Contributions to International Cooperation Issues in 2000, the Nexen Award for Excellent in Corporate Social and Ethical Responsibility in 2007, and the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Engineering Excellence in 2009. Hatfield was also awarded as one of BC’s Top Employers in 2014.

Our CSR focus has evolved from volunteering and charitable donations to an integrated strategy for sustainability. Hatfield goes beyond meeting legal and other mandated standards to fulfill our CSR objectives for: organization and governance; human rights, labour practices, environmental sustainability, fair operating practices; corporate relationships; and, community involvement and development. Honesty, respect, and integrity are fundamental to our work, however, we go further to engage in sustainable activities that have a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

Our People

Our people are experts in hydrology, geomatics, social science, wildlife, finance, chemistry, and so much more. Hatfield endeavors to provide the right environment for this diversity of expertise to thrive. This includes a commitment to health and safety, open communication, employee satisfaction, mentorship, and progression based on merit. Safety is Hatfield’s number one priority in planning and execution of all activities. Our health and safety program emphases continual improvement with a goal of maintaining zero health or safety reportable incidents annually.

Our Environment

Hatfield is committed to reducing our environmental impacts. Along with providing environmental services that are sustainable and socially conscious, Hatfield Consultants promotes responsibility on a daily basis:

  • Our offices provide bicycle storage and shower facilities to support cycling as a healthy, emission-free option for commuting; North Vancouver staff have participated in Bike to Work Week since 2007.
  • Staff in our North Vancouver office regularly volunteer their time to assist in the cleanup of Mackay Creek — an important waterway in the community.
  • We offer paid time off for staff to volunteer with causes they feel passionate about.

Our Communities

Hatfield’s global operations afford our staff opportunities to make positive contributions in countries around the world. For nearly four decades, our environmental specialists and geomatics technicians have volunteered their time and expertise to important social causes in the developing world and closer to home. Workplace events raise funds for charity, supporting the communities in which we work and live. Recent proceeds went to UNICEF, Haiti Relief Fund, and the Harvest Project. In 2014, Hatfield donated funds to build a home in Mmankgodi Village in Botswana.

Likewise, our global presence has allowed us to help in times of crisis. During the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, Hatfield Consultants contributed on-the-ground assistance, satellite imagery, and mapping support to aid relief efforts — using our specific expertise to help those in need. During the recent wildfires in northern Alberta, Hatfield produced near real-time fire extent imagery to help with coordinating firefighting efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is comprised of staff from all levels of the organization, the committee works to ensure that Hatfield Consultants is a responsible corporate citizen working continually to improve our environment and our communities, both in Canada and around the world. The committee is responsible for conducting annual CSR audits and review, keeping up to date with changes in CSR best practices, communicating CSR performance with Hatfield’s stakeholders and maintaining relationships with the communities that Hatfield works in.

Hatfield’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report can be viewed here.

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