Health and Safety

Hatfield Consultants works hard to provide a safe and healthy work environment, both in the office and in the field. Since operations began in 1974, Hatfield has maintained an outstanding health and safety record, embracing guidelines that often improve upon standards set by government and industry. By incorporating the following principles into our daily activities, we enhance the security and well-being of our team, our clients, and our partners in the community.

  • Leadership: Our management leads by example, keeping up-to-date with health and safety practices while striving for constant improvement.
  • Training: All staff – office workers and field technicians alike – receive and maintain current training in effective health and safety procedures.
  • Guidelines: Based on government legislation, industry standards, and decades of experience, Hatfield’s Health and Safety Management Plan guides employees in staying safe and healthy on the job, whether writing reports or conducting field surveys.
  • Equipment: Equipment and vehicles receive regular maintenance to ensure they operate at peak safety levels and to prevent injuries.
  • Design: Hatfield project managers design work plans with safety in mind, requiring daily hazard inspections at field sites and preparing control measures to reduce risk.
  • Reporting: All workers report incidents and near-misses to their supervisors, who work with the health and safety coordinator to track and measure data to improve our processes.
  • Review: Hatfield’s Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee regularly reviews and investigates matters related to safety at Hatfield Consultants, recommending improvements to our equipment, procedures, and training methods.
  • Communication: All workers, supervisors, and employers contribute to an ongoing discussion about safety protocols and potential risks, collaborating on appropriate actions for safer work conditions.
  • Certification: Since 2008, our offices in British Columbia and Alberta have maintained a Certificate of Recognition from Enform — the safety association for Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry — which verifies that our practices align with industry standards.

Contractor Management

Complementing our in-house safety program, Hatfield Consultants maintains registration with the following contractor management services:

These third-party providers pre-qualify our safety programs for select clients. As most industries set high standards for health and safety, registering with these services demonstrates our strong safety record and our compliance with established best practices.