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Wildfire Disaster Management focus of new Canadian Space Agency project

Jan 04, 2017

WorldView-3 image: DigitalGlobe May 2016
WorldView-3 image: DigitalGlobe May 2016

Hatfield kicks of the new year with a new Canadian Space Agency (CSA) project under the “Development of Innovative Earth Observation Solutions for Disaster Management in a Canadian Context” initiative. Hatfield’s work on wildfire disaster response and recovery was one of ten projects selected by the CSA through their Earth Observation Applications Development Program, which develops satellite earth observation (EO) solutions to improve the management of disasters including flooding, ice travel, landslides, oil and ice detection, and wildfires.

Hatfield’s project, entitled “Rapid Radar Mapping to Support Wildfire Response and Recovery Operations”, addresses the response and recovery phases of disaster risk management. Several Canadian wildfire management agencies will be engaged in the project, including the Canadian Forest Service and provincial/territorial departments.

The project will use EO data from RADARSAT-2 and Sentinel-2 satellites to support wildfire management agencies with geospatial wildfire burned area map products. One case study will be the May 2016 Fort McMurray / Horse River wildfire – a fire which led to the evacuation of Hatfield’s Fort McMurray office.

Hatfield’s project will initially focus on Canadian context, but will explore opportunities of applying the solution internationally. With improved information available to wildfire agencies, application of satellite EO could prevent loss of life, reduce the loss of timber value, and reduce the damage to infrastructure.

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